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Tijuana Clinics Tour

Clinics Who Are Part of Tour Schedule

The following clinics make up the group of clinics we will visit. From this list, we will visit four (4) clinics on a particular day.

  1. American BioDental Center / Holistic Care
  2. Angeles Hospital / Functional Oncology
  3. Health Institute de Tijuana (Gerson Therapy)
  4. Hope 4 Cancer Treatment Center
  5. BioCare Hospital and Wellness Center
  6. Oasis of Hope Hospital
  7. Rubio Cancer Center
  8. Sanoviv Medical Institute
  9. Stella Maris Clinic
  10. Immunity Therapy Center
  11. Bio-Medical Center (Hoxsey): Video Presentation.

Additional clinics have requested to become a part of our tours. When we have visited the facility and met the clinic staff, we will consider adding the facility to our tour program. We will still only visit four facilities in a particular day. We plan to change the specific clinics we visit with each tour.

We will announce and post the new date(s) and the clinics we will visit. In the meantime, please review the pick-up locations.

We will also include a link to apply online for the one-day Mexican Visa, along with the answers to the questions on the Visa Application, and other details related to the Tour.