Thank you for your support in the past. The Cancer Control Society depends on your
continued financial generosity to carry on with our work. Your support will help keep
this office open and active for your benefit.

Your tax-deductible donation will help further our Mission of educating the public and professionals on the prevention and control of cancer and other diseases through Nutrition, Tests and Non-Toxic Alternative Therapies.

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Donate Your Vehicle

Donate your vehicle today using Riteway Car Donations – it’s fast, easy and free! To learn more or donate please call 1-888-250-4490.

Donate Your Usable Clothing and Household Items

The Cancer Control Society has partnered up with Quality Thrift Store to donate your clothing and other usable household items. To schedule a pick up call:

Northern California
Phone: 1-800-443-4224

Southern California
Phone: 1-800-588-2270