What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Cancer

What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Cancer
Hosted by
Eddie Albert

CHUCK WINTNER, PRODUCER graduated from Michigan State University, East Lansing with a B.A. Degree in Television and Radio. Chuck is an award winning film producer whose work includes Victims, Angel Dust and most recently, What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Cancer, winner of the Houston International Film Festival for Best Investigative Documentary and Silver Medalist in the 1992 New York Film Festival for Best Documentary.

This 72-minute Documentary, hosted by Eddie Albert, exposes the conflicts of interests within major medical institutions that have led to the failed war on cancer. The Cancer Control Society and several of its members are highlighted in the film. Testimonials by patients using Conventional and Unconventional Therapies are included.

This film features the Tijuana Cancer Clinics Bus Tour sponsored by the Cancer Control Society with speeches from some of the Doctors and Administrators from the Clinics. The film shows how most cancers can be prevented through nutrition, supplements and other precautions.

What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Cancer is dedicated to Lily Heftmann, a Los Angeles artist and teacher, who died from cancer 6 years ago not knowing her treatment options.

Mr. Winter has produced hundreds of documentaries, television news and magazine segments and films since 1968. He can be contacted at Malibu Video, 2899 Agoura Rd., #152, Westlake Village, California 91361, Email: ccsvideos@yahoo.com, phone (818) 775-3923 fax (818) 706-3360.

(The above video plus all videos from the Cancer Control Society Convention can be ordered through him.)

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