SWEET SUICIDE: How Sugar is Destroying the Health of Our Society
This documentary, produced by Nancy Appleton, Ph.D., follows the remarkable story of “K.C.,” a sugarholic weighing 360 pounds, who reaches her normal weight and regains her health, revealing the emotional and physical wellbeing one can experience when eliminating sugar from the diet.

Sweet Suicide uncovers the serious health issues caused by sugar consumption and exposes medical groups endorsed by the government that continue to recommend sugar in their recipes for patients with heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Nancy Appleton, Ph.D. earned her BS in Clinical Nutrition from UCLA and her Ph.D. in Health Services from Walden University. An avid researcher, Dr. Appleton lectures extensively throughout the world and has appeared on numerous television and radio talk shows. She is the author of many books that are available from the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation:
• Suicide by Sugar
• Lick the Sugar Habit
• Stopping Inflammation
• The Curse of Louis Pasteur
• Healthy Bones
• The Body Chemistry Test Kit: Self monitoring urine calcium and pH test with suggested food plans based on test results.

This 60-minute film was produced by Dr. Nancy Appleton and is being distributed by the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation®, a membership supported non-profit educational resource founded in 1952 to disseminate reliable, unbiased information about nutrition, lifestyle, soil, ecology and the environment.

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