NATURE’S ANSWER TO CANCER is a 1 hour historical documentary on Laetrile and International Association of Cancer Victims and Friends.

The film is narrated by Betty Lee Morales, Past President of the Los Angeles Chapter of Cancer Victims & Friends and Cancer Control Society. It includes interviews with Ernest Krebs, Sr., M.D.; Howard Beard, PhD.; Ernesto Contreras, M.D.; Maurice Kowan, M.D.; Glen Kittler, Science Writer and Cecile Hoffman, Founder of IACVF. You will also hear Ernest Krebs, Jr., Biochemist; Manuel Navarro, M.D.; Attorney Kirkpatrick Dilling and recovered patients.

Produced for Cancer Victims & Friends by Lorraine Rosenthal, Co-Founder, Cancer Control Society, and Betty Lee Morales, this film is available from Cancer Control Society, 2043 N. Berendo St., Los Angeles, CA 90027, phone 323-663-7801.

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