Cancer Control Society

Reprinted from "Los Angeles" Magazine, Vol. 41, No. 12
December 1996

In the raging war for Alternative Cancer Therapies, Lorraine Rosenthal is a crusader. As a lab technician working on cancer research for the City of Hope, Lorraine was impressed by reports on nutritional approaches to cancer therapy. In 1973, she left her job to open a health food store, then co-founded the L.A. based Cancer Control Society. Early days of denunciation have given way to grudging acceptance by the medical establishment. In part, it's because doctors are overwhelmed: in 1994, Los Angeles County had 13,550 cancer deaths. Treating cancer with anything other than surgery, radiation or chemotherapy remains a felony in California--and Rosenthal says she would not remain in the state if she had cancer. She acts primarily as an educator through the Cancer Control Society, offering a referral service to clinics in other states and in Mexico and Europe. These clinics are now in some cases covered by U.S. insurance.  -S.S.


Photo taken at the Southern California Motion Picture Council Christmas Party for better motion pictures, Sportsmen's Lodge, Sherman Oaks, California, December 4, 2000.


The Cancer Control Society Exhibit Booth is being represented by (l to r) Lorraine Rosenthal, Co-Founder CCS, Frank Cousineau, President CCS and John Adderley at the American College for Advancement in Medicine Conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah, October 26-29, 2000. The Cancer Control Society goes to about 10 Shows a year to educate the public and professionals about Alternative Therapies and Nutritional Approach to cancer and other diseases.


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