MICHAEL NELSON, D.C. received his undergraduate Degree in 1985 in Respiratory Therapy and began his clinical journey working in the Neonatal Intensive Care unit in Reno, Nevada. He was certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support for the Neonate, Advanced Ventilator Management and Resuscitation of the High Risk Neonate. He was the youngest member of the fixed wing transport teams at both Medical Centers in Reno, and was responsible for stabilization and transport of critically ill newborn.

He went on to get his Doctorate Degree at the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon in 1993. He is a National Board Certified Chiropractic Physician and licensed in the state of Nevada. He holds numerous certificates in Functional Medicine that include advanced training in Metabolic Therapies for chronic degenerative conditions. He has over 21,500 hours of post-graduate training and has been in private practice for over 23 years.

Dr. Nelson is the only physician-owned practice in Northern Nevada to offer advanced breast cancer screening using High Definition Infrared Imaging. His patient population includes individuals with advanced cancer of the breast, prostate and brain, as well as patients suffering from post-chemotherapy and radiation therapy damage. He offers a systems biology metabolic approach to help the chronically ill regain their health.

Dr. Nelson is also a multi-patent holder and has set up and run many health related companies to serve the needs of individuals suffering with chronic illness. He serves as the Medical Advisor for Viratech, a cancer screening company using advanced metabolomics, and for CS Health, a sulforaphane-based raw material company. Sulforaphane, a derivative of broccoli, has been shown to target cancer stem cells, suggested to be responsible for initiating and maintaining cancer.

Dr. Nelson may be contacted at Sierra Tahoe Wellness Center in Reno, Nevada by phone
775-622-1822, fax 775-345-3562, or websites: www.DrMichaelNelson.com and

He will speak on Sulforaphane, Broccoli’s Secret Weapon Against Cancer: Your Mom Was Right.

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